HEDGE FUND Management: Banking, Finance and Investment

HEDGE FUND Management: Banking, Finance and Investment

30 Jun 15:00 - 20:00 - Santa Rosa
Seda Nuvali

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An Intensive Event That Will...Change Your 'Financial Mindset' Forever. Make You Think Like The 1% Rich. Turn Your Anger of Poverty Into Love of Prosperity.

HEDGE FUND MANAGEMENT: Banking, Finance and Investment
One of the BEST Opportunity to 'EARN and LEARN' About Your Future, Money, Banking and Financial Technology.

Business Owners, CEO & President, Mutual Fund Investors, High Net Worth Individuals, Financial Planners & Advisors, Wealth Management Advisors, Corporations, Foundations, Endowments, Pensions, Venture Capitalists, Brokers & Agents, Real Estate, Insurance, Golf Shares, Securities, Stock Brokers & Sales Agents, Freelancer, Cooperatives Directors, Entrepreneurs, Bankers, Heirs, Church Leaders, People with Network of VIPs and High Net Worth Individuals. 'Looking for Business Opportunity and Investment

The Business Conspiracy of the 1% Rich - They Predict the Future - Because they Planned it 50 Years Ahead! 'Want to Know How to Think Like the 1%Rich to Get Richer?

1. The History of Money - How The 1% Rich Think
2. Blockchain Technology & Bitcoin
3. The Future of Banking
4. 'Asset Allocation of the Rich' Model by Forbes.com
Real Estate / Private Equity / Venture Capital / Hedge Funds / Global Equity / Local Equity / Bonds / Cash / Direct Investment / Commodities / Digital Asset
5. Private Hedge Fund Management
6. AI - Artificial 'Financial' Intelligence in Banking, Finance and Investment
7. HFT - High Frequency Trading / Quantum Trading
8. Arbitrage Trading - Guaranteed Profit or Zero Risk Investment?
9. Exchange Business, Employment or Business Partnership Opportunity

**International Public Speakers are Paid Honorarium at Php15,000 / hour. Covered by Bitcoin Academy

To SECURE and RESERVE a SEAT: www.eventbrite.com/e/hedge-fund-management-education-business-opportunity-and-conference-tickets-44074509043

Pay Only 4 Your Unlimited Food & Drinks and Venue

Up to Apr 30 = Php 1,000 Super Early Bird
May 01 ~ May 15 = Php 1,500 Php 1,500 Early Bird
May 16 ~ May 31 = Php 2,000 Regular Registration
Jun 01 ~ Jun 15 = Php 2,500 Late Registration
Jun 16 ~ 30 = Php 3,000.00 Super Late Registration

**Walk-in NOT Allowed
**Seat Capacity is up to 50 Only. There are Foreigners Attending. FREE Consultation after the EVENT

• Deposit payment
o Unionbank
o Account Name - Intellso Inc.
o Account No. 00-031-003413-9
• Then kindly email deposit slip to info@blackbear.ph and / or butchtabligan@gmail.com to confirm reservation.
• On-site payment (CASH only)
• Company checks are accepted, provided that they are received at least five (5) banking days before the event.

You may also make your reservation payment to any of the following:

Peso Wallet Address: 3ANs3iGo5o12X9SbFHZ9M2zaWZRYK2mdyw

* Unionbank
Solomon Tabligan IV
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00 2650 455779

Solomon Tabligan IV
9649 1143 12

Then kindly email / send "proof / photo" of cash deposit slip or "screenshot" of online mobile banking fund transfer payment here or email to: info@blackbear.ph and / or butchtabligan@gmail.com

You will receive notification of reservation upon verification. Your payment can be immediately verified via online mobile banking fund transfer payment.

Our Group of Companies has business offices in United States, Europe and the Pacific Rim. We are one of the largest Private HEDGE FUND firm in the Phis. and currently have more than $33M daily transaction in the Phils. alone. Our Group's Global Asset Under Management (AUM) is over $3B. We Provide Solid Experience & Expertise on Value Investing: Due Diligence, Quantum - HFT (High Frequency Trading), AI - Artificial 'Financial' Intelligence, Arbitrage Trading System and Inside Information Driven Trading.


1. Truth Seeker
2. Founder & CEO, Bitcoin Academy Phils. / 2 years
3. Chairman and Country Director, BlackBear Ventures Capital Corp. / 3 years
4. Director, Bear Mountain World International www.bmwinternational.com / 8 years
5. Chairman & CEO, Intellso Inc. / 5 years
6. International Public Speaker
7. Serial Entrepreneur, Investment Banker, Real Estate, Venture Capitalist
8. Bitcoin & Blockchain Enthusiast and Investor since 2013
9. Experienced Trader - Commodities, Futures, Forex, and Cryptocurrencies
10. National Champion, Toastmasters International District 75 (Manila, Phils.)
11. Member, Rotary Club of Pasig
12. Member, British Club Manila
13. 2nd Best Speaker - National Level, Toastmasters International (London, UK)
14. Former Business Owner, RE/MAX (Real Estate) London
15. Studied Business Information System, London Business School
16. Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/butch-tabligan-62b93a153/
17. Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/butchtabligan/

1. Veteran Trader of Index, Derivatives, Options, Stocks, Commodities, Futures, Forex, ETF, and Cryptocurrencies
2. Co-Founder, Bitcoin Academy Phils. / 2 years
3. Founder & CEO, BlackBear Ventures Capital Corp. / 3 years
4. Director, Bear Mountain World International www.bmwinternational.com / 14 years
5. Director, Bear Mountain Capital Market Inc. / 8 years
6. Serial Entrepreneur, Investment Banker, Venture Capitalist
7. Bitcoin & Blockchain Enthusiast and Investor since 2011
8. Established over 14 years record of consistent profits - not a single loss
9. Formulated Quantum - HFT, Arbitrage Trading & Profitable Trading Strategies
10. Researched NYSE, AMEX, and NASDAQ Markets
11. Executed all Major Investment Decisions
12. Managed Profitable Long and Short Positions in Equities on the NYSE and NASDAQ
13. Managed Daily Transaction of Over $5B on Foreign Currency & Cryptocurrency Denominated Investments
14. Special Skills on Inside Information

Cancellation by Attendee:
Registrant may refund amount paid, with less 30% processing charge from the LISTED AMOUNT within 30 days, or opt to use the payment for a seminar or event of equal value within 60 days. Cancellation must be done at least 2 days before the event. Non-appearance or failure to inform us of cancellation will result to forfeiture of full amount paid.

Cancellation by Intellso, Inc. / Bitcoin Academy / BlackBear Ventures Inc.
Registrant may refund full amount paid within 30 days, or may opt to use the payment for a seminar of equal value within sixty days of cancellation.

Refund Policy:
Payment may be refunded upon presentation of the original copy of bank deposit slip and a valid ID. Cash refund is strictly implemented, and may be availed only at the Intellso, Inc. office in Strata 100, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. Intellso, Inc. / Bitcoin Academy / BlackBear Ventures Inc. does not deposit refunds.

Schedule & Venue may change without prior notice. Please call / email to confirm. Intellso, Inc. / Bitcoin Academy / BlackBear Ventures Inc. is not liable for any expense incurred by seminar registrant resulting from cancellation of any of our events.

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